Steve Osborne

Real Estate Agent


About Steve Osborne

I have been licensed and working in Real Estate full time, for over 25 years. I have a track record I can prove. I have sold over a thousand homes and over 200 million dollars worth of real estate. This translates into experience that helps my clients have the edge. I decided to work with First Team because I wanted to be associated with the best! First Team is currently the number 1 selling Real Estate company in California. I have worked in the resale of homes, new homes, real estate auctions which have given me a strong marketing background. I can save you time.

I have strategies to help you whether you’re buying or selling. I get my clients results quickly and efficiently through tried and true and all the new techniques. I am a techy, I stay with the times. I know old school and the latest craze. If you would like a list of my degrees, awards, and designations I would be happy to furnish them. But my guess is you don’t care and all you are concerned with is what I can do for you - that’s what I would be asking! And if you care… I have a great family; I love to ski, mountain bike, hike, nature, and things that go fast! And…It sounds corny but I love my job!

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